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Lanter, Leonardo & Levy’s dedicated team of tax and wealth management professionals are committed to helping you grow your wealth while protecting and sustaining your assets. Life is full of surprises and opportunities. You deserve and need a CPA firm whose first priority your financial well-being and success.

We all share similar long-term goals: comfortable retirement, education of our children and grandchildren, assisting loved ones and charitable giving or legacies. The attainment of your goals and dreams requires a disciplined, informed, proactive and, targeted effort. The Lanter, Leonardo & Levy team is here to assist you in preparation for what’s ahead.

Overview of our services:

  • Asset allocation strategies, monitoring and management
  • Business succession planning
  • Cash and debt management
  • Eldercare planning
  • Estate and charitable gift planning
  • Insurance analysis
  • Beneficiary designation planning
  • IRA distribution planning
  • Legacy and wealth management strategies
  • Retirement planning and financial independence analysis
  • Special needs planning

We examine all the facets of your financial reality, and within the parameters of your goals and dreams, develop a wide range of tax-optimized financial solutions designed to help you accomplish three main goals:

  • The maximization of your wealth and enhancement of your cash flow
  • The protection and preservation of your wealth
  • The successful transference of your wealth to the individuals and charities important to you

If you can clearly define your financial goals, then you can manage your financial life, no matter how complex and challenging the financial and tax environment. We can help you understand and make the right decisions for all of life’s important financial decisions. Lanter, Leonardo & Levy wants to place you and your family in firm control of your financial destiny.

The best strategies for business and personal growth and success are specific to your business and personal situation. Your plan must be tailored to fit your unique circumstances. Contact Lanter, Leonardo & Levy for a no obligation consultation on building and preserving the company and wealth you have worked so hard to achieve.

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