Heavy Highway Construction

For over twenty years, Lanter, Leonardo & Levy has provided accounting, attest, tax and business advisory services to Florida heavy highway construction contractors, satisfying their assurance obligations through financial statement audits of unsurpassed quality and value. In addition, we have served as trusted business advisers, providing the following unsurpassed professional services:

  • Developing innovative tax strategies to maximize tax deductions and incentives, boosting their bottom line and optimizing savings while minimizing their tax liabilities and exposure.
  • Guiding our clients through the difficult process of obtaining bid, performance and payment bonds by assisting them in the preparation and presentation of their financial information in a manner preferred by bonding companies.
  • Delivering insights to enhance profits, improve cash flow, explore growth strategies, protect assets and solve complex and challenging issues with our deep financial and analytical tools and capabilities.
  • Furnishing the expertise to assess risk, information flow and employees’ roles and responsibilities to protect against fraud, abuse and inaccurate data recording and keep track of essential financial activities.
  • Advising buyers and sellers in their merger and acquisition activities, whether buyers or sellers of construction companies, as well as performing business valuations to assess the true value of the entities.
  • Supporting our clients in their efforts to grow their wealth, protect and sustain their assets, and provide for their family, utilizing a disciplined, informed, proactive and, targeted approach.

The best strategies for business and personal growth and success are specific to your business and personal situation. Your plan must be tailored to fit your unique circumstances. Contact Lanter, Leonardo & Levy for a no obligation consultation on building and preserving the company and wealth you have worked so hard to achieve.

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