Estate Planning

Trust, experience, integrity and objectivity are essential qualities to look for in your estate planning advisor. The legal, tax and consulting professionals at Lanter, Leonardo & Levy stand ready to help establish a comprehensive estate plan that meets your needs and requirements. Your vision, goals and objectives will be the guiding force as we provide you all the resources and advice you need to pass on a legacy to your family.

Estate planning includes building an estate during a lifetime, guaranteeing that the assets are protected in an estate, and then passing them along to the next generation. It gives you the opportunity to control your success both during life and at death. All business owners should plan their estate in a manner that considers wills, living trusts, gifts, insurance, private annuities marital property, probate avoidance and other general estate planning tools. An effective estate plan will be designed to eliminate estate problems and death taxes utilizing an array of practical, cost effective solutions.

We will discuss with you, from a tax perspective:

• The benefits and limits of establishing a simple will and its control over certain assets
• The advantages and disadvantages of living trusts
• Deferred compensation agreements
• Disposing of assets using trusts and annuities
• Disposing of business interests to family members and the constructive ownership rules
• Other specialized estate planning tools
• The uses of a durable power of attorney
• The instances when a conservatorship is appropriate
• The planning issues and problems that arise from owning a business

Estate planning is for everyone. All business owners should create an estate plan that incorporates a will, a trust, probate issues, ownership of entities and the designation of beneficiaries. In doing so, successful business owners can provide the maximum benefit to the people they care about. Together we will devise a plan around your goals that will minimize settlement costs of state and federal estate taxes, structure your estate according to the latest regulations, and ensure that your estate provides for your family and business needs. You owe it to yourself, your spouse and your heirs to adequately prepare for the eventually of your passing. You have worked hard for your assets, and you deserve to have the right to determine its distribution according to your terms.

The best strategies for business and personal growth and success are specific to your business and personal situation. Your plan must be tailored to fit your unique circumstances. Contact Lanter, Leonardo & Levy for a no obligation consultation on building and preserving the company and wealth you have worked so hard to achieve.

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