Business Tax Planning & Strategies

Effective tax planning has a powerful profit potential for your company. Strategies taking advantage of all possible opportunities for deductions and tax savings can give you a far better bottom line than your uninformed competitors. The process of minimizing your tax liability can be a source of working capital for operations, investment, and growth.

Lanter, Leonardo & Levy take a three pronged approach in developing tax plans and strategies for your business:

(1) Minimize income,
(2) Maximize expenses
(3) Take advantage of tax credits.

The underlying principle in our tax planning strategies is to defer taxes whenever possible. This allows your company to use the current year tax savings interest-free, and even earn interest on it, until the next time taxes are due.

Developing and maintaining an awareness of tax planning strategies and issues is particularly valuable tool for the construction business owner. We advise clients to conduct tax planning sessions in the middle of each tax year, allowing them time to apply their tax strategies to the current year and to get a jump on the following year.

Some of the more important ways that a business owner can dramatically influence his tax savings includes determining the most tax-efficient way to take income out of his business, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by tax relief on pension contributions, and proactively planning activities such as buying another business or selling his business.

Lanter, Leonardo & Levy offers a wide range of personal tax services including estate planning, succession planning and retirement planning services to complement our business tax planning and compliance services. Give us a call to set up an appointment to discuss the ways that we can save you money.

The best strategies for business and personal growth and success are specific to your business and personal situation. Your plan must be tailored to fit your unique circumstances. Contact Lanter, Leonardo & Levy for a no obligation consultation on building and preserving the company and wealth you have worked so hard to achieve.

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