Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigations

Lanter, Leonardo & Levy can help you address the business risk of fraud. It is critical that businesses prevent, detect and react to potential fraud. Swift action is essential. Our team of trained professionals possesses the investigative skills to help you recover data and resources lost to fraudulent activities. The existence of your company may be at stake.

We have developed a comprehensive set of advisory services and forensic accounting skills that provides us in depth knowledge and insight into the situations requiring forensic investigations. Through discovery and documentation of evidence, reconstruction of events, interviews, expert testimony and more we help you uncover fraud and preserve evidence.

Our services include providing prevention, detection, and quantification of:

  • Losses incurred due to alleged asset misappropriations
  • Losses due to fraudulent activities involving embezzlement
  • Financial statement fraud and manipulation
  • Dishonest actions

The best strategies for business and personal growth and success are specific to your business and personal situation. Your plan must be tailored to fit your unique circumstances. Contact Lanter, Leonardo & Levy for a no obligation consultation on building and preserving the company and wealth you have worked so hard to achieve.

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