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$1 billion to fix crumbling Miami-Dade water, sewage system

July 25, 2012 Posted by Rick

“Miami-Dade County’s three main water treatment plants and nearly 14,000 miles of pipelines are so outdated it would take more than $1.1 billion just to replace the “most deteriorated, vulnerable sections” of the system, a newly released internal study shows.”

There’s going to be a lot of work to do, and a lot of taxes to pay. Read more here

New Condo Development – The Related Group

March 16, 2012 Posted by Rick

The Related Group is building and planning to build several high-rise condos in south Florida. Good luck, guys! Read about it here and here.

Replacing the Miami Convention Center

March 14, 2012 Posted by Rick

There is a push in Miami Beach to replace the old convention center, home of Art Basil and the Miami Boat Show. I think this would be a home run for the city, as well as the construction industry. There will be opposition, and the costs will be tough for Miami to swallow unless we see a big upturn in the economy. My fingers are crossed.

Condo Market in South Florida Recovers

March 9, 2012 Posted by Rick

This is the report I’ve been looking for, from Condo Vultures®, LLC. ‘South Florida’s supply of new condo product created during the recent boom is on pace to sell out in the first half of 2013.’

Very informative, giving statistics and reasons for recovery. I was not aware of the heavy influence of the foreign and bulk buyers, much less that the inventory glut was drying up. Like I said before, I thought we were in for a 10 year recovery period. Most important to us in the construction biz is the planned construction.

‘In anticipation of the eventual sellout of the new condos created during the boom, developers are already proposing 24 new condo projects with more than 4,500 units in each of the counties of South Florida’, according to Condo Vultures®. As of March 6, 2012, at least five new condo towers have already formally initiated construction.’

There’s a Run on Rentals in South Florida

March 8, 2012 Posted by Rick

Things are starting to look up down our way. I was at the CASF’s  ( semi-annual BBQ last night, and the mood was brighter than I’ve seen it in a while. This may be a contributing factor: ‘Downtown Fort Lauderdale this year will see a surge of construction — the first of hundreds of apartment units developers have in the works. Apartment projects also are under way in suburban Broward and Palm Beach County’.

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